Smart Cannabis

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THE 30-second Medical Marijuana rating app
Smart Medicate with Smart Cannabis!

*** I am working on an updated version... It has been way to long in coming. ***

**NOTE TO CURRENT USERS (prior to version 1.2) ***
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You MAY have to fill out your user information again.
Any ratings you have entered will have to be re-entered after new install. In future updates this will not be required.

--> Quick, Intuitive, Interface. Many functions are totally touch-driven.

--> Quickly and effortlessly track which strain of Marijuana works best for you, the condition youre treating and the effects of the strain.

--> Over 4,000 + Directory listings

--> Store and retrieve strain ratings with the simple slide of your finger!

--> Easily ADD and EDIT Directory: Keeps your data current without waiting for a developers update.

--> Easily ADD strain data

SMART CANNABIS is a software program for smartphones, designed to empower users of Medical Marijuana to rate the 300+ (and growing) different strains based on your individual results. What works. What doesnt. No more guessing.

By quickly and effortlessly maneuvering through a series of intuitive screens, smart phone users create a constantly improving tool, individually customized to provide the best information available for their personal use.

Smart Cannabis allows users to contribute to a database, which helps thousands of other users searching for relief from similar symptoms. The more the application is used, the more useful the available data becomes as pertaining to which strain of cannabis is better for different symptoms and/or medical conditions.


There are five main sections:

USER: Enter ratings as well as read other users ratings. In the ratings section you can even add a strain that is not shown.

DIRECTORY: USA at present; Dispensaries, Grow Shops, Delivery Services, Medical, Legal and other professional and shopping information so you may find the best sources. You can add your own resource; Dispensary, Head Shop, Legal Resource, Medical, Delivery and Consulting Services.

REFERENCES: Marijuana history, FAQs, Seed-Bank info and details on 300 + strains of MMJ; including genealogy.

SETTINGS: View and change all your settings.

HELP: Quick-Help, contact info and other assistance can be found here.